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Enter the World of Trading By Taking the first steps Towards Success

Investing in Stock will help you
Grow your Wealth!

D Trade School is committed to offering students seeking to enter the Trade Industry by providing top-notch education and training. Our curriculum is created to give students a thorough understanding of the Markets, Trading Tactics, and Risk Management Techniques. Our knowledgeable professors are authorities in their fields.

From complete novices to seasoned traders wishing to advance their skills, our courses are designed to satisfy the needs of students with a wide range of experience levels. We provide a range of programmes, such as Individual Coaching and Mentoring, as Well as Classroom and Online Instruction.

To help students apply what they have learned to real-life circumstances, we employ a hands-on learning style that includes case studies and examples from the real world. Giving our students the Knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in the cutthroat world of trade is our aim.

D Trade School is committed to giving its aspirants the best education possible and to assisting them in achieving their financial objectives.

Why Learn About the Stock Market?

Learning about the stock market is crucial in today’s financial landscape. It allows individuals to understand and participate in the world of investments, providing opportunities for financial growth.

You will become a master in the trading strategies

Become knowledgeable on the techniques and intraday stock tips to protect your capital

Know the potential to earn higher returns while investing lesser capital

Understand risk management to protect your money from inflation

You can have a pride ownership

You will enjoy trading after understanding the techniques

Investing in stock market will give you a regular passive income

Stock market provides the ability to start small etc.

You can have a pride ownership


Dinesh R


  • NSE – Certified,
  • Been trading in the Indian Market for 6 years
  • Trained & Mentored more than 1500+ students
  • NSE certified Options & Equity Derivatives Trader
  • Focused on creating a diverse educational platform enabling traders from all backgrounds to reach their potential in the financial markets.

Sri Ram

CO-Founder, Mentor

  • NSE – Certified
  • Been trading in the Indian and Forex Market for 8+ years
  • Trained & Mentored more than 2000+ students
  • NSE certified Equity Derivatives Trader
  • Successfully handling a Signal Service community and helping independent traders to grow
  • Successfully handling portfolio worth 25CR AUM
  • Aiming to create a strong trading community.

Dinesh R


  • NSE – Certified,Research Analyst,Cmt Level1
  • Been trading in the Indian and Forex Market for 5+ years
  • Been trading in Crypto Markets for 3.5 years,

We are round the world

At D Trade School, our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries, and we take pride in our global outreach. With a diverse community of students, faculty, and partners from around the world, we embrace cultural diversity and foster an inclusive learning environment.

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Trusted By Professionals

D Trade School takes pride in being trusted by professionals, as it demonstrates the quality of education and training provided to its students.

D Trade School has been a game-changer for my trading career. The courses offered were incredibly well-structured and provided me with a deep understanding of technical analysis and risk management strategies. The support and guidance from the instructors were exceptional, allowing me to apply my knowledge effectively in the real trading world. Thanks to D Trade School, I have seen a significant improvement in my trading performance.

Raghav Professional Trader

I can confidently say that D Trade School is one of the best educational platforms for aspiring traders. The courses are designed to cater to traders at all levels, from beginners to advanced. The emphasis on practical application and personalized mentorship sets them apart from other training programs. The insights and techniques I learned from D Trade School have given me the confidence to approach the markets with a systematic approach and have greatly boosted my profitability

Pragya Financial Analyst

After struggling to find a reliable and comprehensive trading education program, I stumbled upon D Trade School. From the moment I enrolled, I was impressed by the quality of the content and the expertise of the instructors. The courses covered a wide range of topics, including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and trading psychology. The interactive learning environment and regular webinars provided the perfect platform for me to clarify my doubts and gain valuable insights. D Trade School has truly transformed my trading journey.

Ganesh Hedge Fund Manager
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